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Roving the Caribbean

My past careers include a period in the Metropolitan Police, Insurance and Financial Adviser, Estate Agency, TV & Film extra and Home Inspector amongst other ventures. I was interested in surfing, windsurfing and wetbikes in my teens and twenties, coming third in the World Wetbike Championships in 1985. I was introduced to the Tall Ships Youth Trust charity in Portsmouth ( ) and became a volunteer on their Challenger yachts, working my way up from youth mentor to watch leader then mate. I then decided to take professional qualifications and they kindly offered me a paid position as mate. I sailed extensively around the UK, Caribbean and Europe with them and had some great experiences and some challenging experiences. Since then I have worked my way up to become an Ocean master and Yachtmaster Instructor

I have owned several boats, the first a 19' Colvic Fisher moored at Emsworth, and then I upgraded to a 29' Westerley Centaur, which was also at Emsworth. I ventured into buying and selling yachts via ebay to make money, but my first and last private venture was a real learning exercise - buying a yacht off ebay and finally selling her to a Russian in the car park of Portsmouth ferry port with Customs in attendance ! Last year, 2017, on arrival in Antigua we bought a Bavaria 44 which is now our home and office.

Since then we have visited many islands on our own, with family and with friends. We are the 'new kids on the block' with regard to Boatshed as roving agents and are excited at the opportunities ahead. We intend to be roving this year as far south as French Guiana and west to Belize via the ABC islands and Columbia. We are members of the Ocean Cruising Club and have signed up for the Suzie Too rally in 2018. We will be working closely with Boatshed St Lucia and Grenada to preserve continuity and service. We are looking forward to the future so contact us to sell your boat with