Oceantuff started designing and building wooden boats back in the 1930's. They have designed over 100 sailing boats ranging from 21 to 58 foot. Today they design and build, fast, stable long distance cruisers in a choice of aluminium or composite for a fast strong cruising boat.

The Oceantuff Story

The story all started when my great great great grandfather built his own boat and went sailing around the world. He would redesign the boat on the way round and when he returned and built his second boat with the improvements on his first.

Today the company are building high tech boats with simple solutions for the long distance blue water cruiser, technology has made it possible to build the boats strong and faster and more efficient.

With various rig and keel options you can customise your boat for the type of sailing you plan to do. We take great consideration on electrical systems and their consumption.

Traditionally styled blue water cruisers combining modern technology and materials to create, strong, fast, superb sailing performance, super efficient and luxury accommodation for serious blue water sailors.


Our models range from 35-53 foot prices starting from $149,000. From left to right, Oceantuff 36, Oceantuff 41, Oceantuff 53.

Boat Test video

This boat test video is the first full version of Boatshedreview for Helmsman Trawlers who are set to be the first new boat we will trial. Chuck is a Trawler celebrity to add credence to the review.

Boat Details

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